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Tom Sawyer's childhood is cheerful and carefree, and his imaginative and incredible adventures, sometimes accompanied by appropriate punishments, have always reminded adults of their long-gone childhood. That's why, when his name is mentioned, it so easily brings back forgotten emotions and the joy of childhood in people.


  • Tom Sawyer did not have parents, but he lived with his aunt Polly and younger brother, the whiner Sid, in the town of St. Petersburg, located next to the Mississippi River.

  • Tom was always getting into mischief. He would steal jam and sugar from his aunt's pantry, found church boring, and avoided school because he preferred to escape for a swim in the river. As a result, Aunt Polly would constantly punish him, but he always found ways to easily get away with his punishments.

  • Once, as punishment, Aunt Polly made him whitewash the fence in the yard. While whitewashing the fence, he pretended to be important, so other boys wanted to whitewash the fence too and do that important job. In the end, the other boys did the job for him, and they even paid him in apples to let them whitewash his fence.

  • Tom was in love with a girl named Becky, whose full name was Rebecca Thatcher. He used every opportunity to play pranks because that was his way of courting her.

  • Tom's loyal friend was Huck, whose full name was Huckleberry Finn, and he was the son of a drunkard. According to the orders of teachers and parents, all children had to avoid Huckleberry Finn because he didn't go to school; instead, he spent his days wandering and doing foolish things. Instead of avoiding Huck, Tom gladly went on adventures with him.

  • One night, Tom and Huck went to the graveyard to perform a magic spell that would get rid of warts on their hands. They thought they would be alone, but they found three people there. From the darkness, they saw that it was Indian Joe, Doctor Robinson, and drunk Muff Potter, who were burying a body. Indian Joe and the doctor got into an argument, which ended with Joe killing the doctor with a knife. The boys fled the graveyard and swore never to tell anyone what they had seen.

  • One day, discontent with how he was being treated, Tom decided to run away from home. He was joined by the boys Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn to become pirates together. They stole a raft and floated downstream to an island, where they spent their days playing pirates, swimming, and fishing. Meanwhile, the whole town searched for them, and since they couldn't find the boys, they concluded that the boys had drowned in the river.

  • The three boys decided to return home on the day of their funeral. They showed up at the church, where everyone welcomed them joyfully. However, when they heard that the three boys had been playing pirates while the whole town was searching and mourning, they became very angry with them. Tom got a beating from Aunt Polly, who was very angry, but she was moved and softened when he told her that one night during their disappearance, he visited her and kissed her while she was sleeping.

  • In the town, a trial started for Muff Potter, accused of murdering Doctor Robinson because he was killed with Potter's knife. Indian Joe, during the hearing, said that the drunk Potter was the one who did it. Tom felt sorry for the innocent Potter, so he decided to tell what he had seen that night. At the trial, he said that he saw Indian Joe commit the murder. Joe fled the courtroom, and they tried to catch him, but he managed to escape. Thanks to Tom Sawyer, Muff Potter was acquitted of the murder charge.

  • One day, the children went on a picnic and visited a nearby cave. However, during the cave exploration, Tom and Becky got separated from the rest of the children and got lost in the darkness. When the others realized that the two of them were left in the cave, a search was organized, but they couldn't find and rescue them.

  • Lost in the cave, Tom and Becky were hungry and scared, but Tom didn't give up. He searched the dark cave and tried to find a way out. While doing so, he encountered Indian Joe, who immediately ran away in fear, thinking that it was adults coming to find him inside the cave. Tom realized that the cave had become Indian Joe's new hiding place.

  • Tom somehow found another exit from the cave and saved himself and Becky. Both returned exhausted and sick. After that, there was a celebration in town because they both survived, and Judge Thatcher ordered the entrance to the cave to be sealed so that such things wouldn't happen again.

  • After a few days, Tom recovered from his illness and found out that the cave was sealed. He informed everyone that he had seen an Indian named Joe inside. When they went to open and search the cave, they found Joe dead, as he had been desperately trying to find a way out until he died of hunger and thirst.

  • Days later, Tom and Huck secretly went to the cave and found a chest full of gold hidden by Indian Joe. Thanks to the money from the gold, they had a secure future as the money was put into savings, and they also became important among respected people.

  • Despite everything, Tom and Huck didn't change at all. They still wanted to live a revengeful life away from the ordinary, boring lives of adults and eagerly awaited new adventures.

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