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The main character in this book is the wooden puppet Pinocchio, who wants to become a real boy. He was carved by the old and poor carpenter Geppetto, who wanted him to be a good son, but there is a long way to go to become a well-behaved and polite child.
By reading about Pinocchio, we see that he is a mischievous and stubborn boy who does not like school or doing anything, so he constantly gets into trouble. We also see that every time he does not listen to his father Geppetto or his mother the Blue Fairy, who advise him for the best, he deeply regrets it because he finds himself in great danger.
Pinocchio's nose has the characteristic of growing when Pinocchio tells a lie and shrinking when he begins to speak the truth.


  • The old and poor carpenter, Geppetto, wished to carve himself a puppet from a piece of wood that could speak. When he finished making the puppet, he named him Pinocchio. He immediately taught him how to walk, but the puppet proved to be very mischievous.

  • First, Pinocchio started running away from home through the village, so Geppetto had to chase after him. Some passersby laughed, while others pitied poor Pinocchio, thinking that the old man wanted to harm him. A policeman appeared and took Geppetto to jail, while Pinocchio was set free.

  • At home, Pinocchio converses with a cricket who advises him to listen to his father, go to school, or learn a trade. Pinocchio didn't want to listen to any of that; instead, he threw a hammer at the cricket and accidentally hit him, causing the cricket to die on the wall.

  • Pinocchio was alone in the house, hungry but with nothing to eat, and a storm started outside. To keep warm, he got too close to the stove and put his feet on it. However, when he woke up in the morning, he saw that his feet were burnt.

  • Immobile, Pinocchio cried until Geppetto returned from jail, made him new legs, and fed him.

  • The next day, Geppetto sold his coat to buy Pinocchio a primer and sent him to school. On the way to school, Pinocchio saw a puppet theater and sold his primer to buy a ticket.

  • Inside the theater, when the other puppets recognized Pinocchio, they were very happy because he was one of them. However, the theater owner, named Mangiafoco, did not rejoice at his arrival. He subjected Pinocchio to the fire to roast a lamb for himself to eat.

  • Terrified, Pinocchio begged to be released and called for his father, Geppetto, to save him. This saddened Mangiafoco, so he released Pinocchio and even sent five gold coins to his father when he heard how poor he was.

  • On the way home, Pinocchio encounters two tricksters, a fox and a cat. They cheated people by pretending that the fox was lame and the cat was blind. When Pinocchio told them that he had five gold coins that he was carrying to his father, they decided to trick him and take his money.

  • They invented a story about the Miracle Field, where gold coins can be sown and the next day trees grow in that place, bearing hundreds of gold coins. Pinocchio really liked that field because he wanted to have a lot of gold coins for his father. But on the way to the Miracle Field, a disguised cat and fox attack Pinocchio to rob him. He hides his coins in his mouth, which they cannot open, so they hang him on a tree.

  • He is saved from the tree by the Fairy, to whom he promises to be a good boy. Every time he tries to lie to her, his nose grows until he tells the truth. The Fairy called his father to come and get Pinocchio.

  • Pinocchio set off to meet his father, but he encountered the fox and the cat again. They convinced him once again that he should go to the Miracle Field and sow the coins. That's exactly what he did, he buried the coins, and when he moved away from the field, the fox and the cat dug them up and took them away.

  • Deceived Pinocchio sued them in court, but the judge sentenced him to prison instead of the fraudsters. He remained in prison for four months.

  • On his way back home, Pinocchio got hungry and entered someone else's vineyard to take some grapes. The owner of the vineyard caught him stealing and, as a punishment, tied him up instead of his dog (which had died the day before) to protect his chickens from weasels. When the weasels came to steal the chickens from the chicken coop, Pinocchio closed the doors of the coop so they couldn't escape. As a reward, the owner set him free.

  • When he returned to the Fairy's house, she was no longer there. He found a note saying that she had died because he had betrayed her. Pinocchio cried bitterly because of this, until a dove told him that he had seen his father Geppetto looking for him by the sea.

  • The dove carried Pinocchio on its back to the seashore to find his father, but it was too late. Geppetto was already on a boat that was being carried by a storm and sank into the depths. Pinocchio swam after the boat all night but failed to help his father. The waves washed him ashore on the island of "Busy Bee," where he found his Fairy again.

  • The Fairy of Pinocchio's House asks him to be obedient and continue his education, and in return, she will become his mother and turn him into a real boy.

  • Pinocchio was very happy with this promise, he listened to his mother Fairy, started studying well, and even the teacher praised him. Once, some of his classmates managed to trick him into believing that they would see a huge sea monster and told him not to go to class. He listened to them, went to the seaside, and realized that he had been deceived, losing the whole day of school, which made the Fairy angry with him.

  • From then on, Pinocchio behaved well, went to school, and studied hard, eventually becoming the best student of the year. Because of that, the Fairy promised him that he would become a real boy in a few days.

  • But Pinocchio's best friend convinced him to go to the Land of Toys together, where boys do nothing but play and have fun all day. Pinocchio naively believed him and went there. They were taken there by a little man in a carriage pulled by donkeys. The boys in the Land of Toys really didn't do anything for several days, they just played. And then one day, they turned into donkeys.

  • After that, as a donkey, Pinocchio was sold by the little man to a circus where he had to dance and jump through hoops and entertain the audience. Soon, he injured his leg and could no longer perform in the circus, so they sold him to a man to turn his skin into a drum.

  • That man wanted to drown the donkey, so he threw him into the sea. In the sea, fishes ate the donkey until only the same puppet remained as before he turned into a donkey.

  • Pinocchio escaped from the man who still considered him his property by swimming through the sea, but he was soon swallowed by a huge sea monster. Inside the enormous stomach of the sea monster, Pinocchio found his father Geppetto, who had been swallowed by the same sea monster two years ago.

  • When the sea monster fell asleep, Pinocchio and his father escaped through its open mouth. Pinocchio swam, carrying his father on his back, and somehow they reached the shore. There they saw a beautiful cottage. A cricket lived in it, whom Pinocchio had previously hit with a hammer. The cricket forgave him for his bad behavior and allowed him and his father to live in his cottage.

  • Since then, Pinocchio studied at night, earned a living during the day by working for a gardener and making wicker baskets to help his father and mother Fairy, who had fallen ill.

  • One morning, when Pinocchio woke up, as a reward, he was no longer a puppet but a real boy. He and his father were happy about it and smiled as they looked at the motionless wooden puppet that used to be Pinocchio.

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