Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


 Summary THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The main character in this story is the little prince, a small boy with golden hair who comes from a distant planet. Although he comes from an unknown planet, the little prince actually comes from the world of children.
The little prince carries within him a lot of childlike purity, honesty, joy, imagination, and goodness.
In addition to the young prince, another main character in this story is an aviator who tells us about his encounter with him.
In meeting the little prince, he is once again confronted with his childhood, recalling the things he had to give up as a child because adults demanded it of him.
As he grew up and proved himself to the adult world, he stopped being sincerely happy and rejoicing in the small, ordinary beautiful things in the world around him.
The encounter with the little prince will bring him back to the world of children and help him look at the world around him with childlike eyes and sincerely rejoice and admire it.

Some of the messages that can be read in this story are:

- "Only children know what they want," said the little prince.
- "Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it tires children to always have to explain things to them."
- "One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes."
- "The eyes are blind. One must seek with the heart."
- "Whether it's a house, stars, or a desert, what makes their beauty invisible!"
- "It is much more difficult to judge oneself than others. If you can judge yourself well, it means you are truly wise."


  • The story of the Little Prince is told to us by an aviator who had an encounter with him. This aviator loved to draw as a child, and when he was six years old, he drew a picture of a snake swallowing an elephant. However, when he showed his drawing to adults, they would tell him that they only saw a hat. He tried in vain to explain to them that there was a snake swallowing an elephant in the drawing, but everyone only saw a hat. They told him that he should focus on more serious things instead of drawing. They discouraged him from continuing to draw. When he grew up, he became an aviator.

  • On one occasion, while flying over the Sahara Desert, his plane broke down, and he had to land and fix it himself. He had enough water for only eight days while he fixed the problem. On the first morning, he was awakened by a small voice asking him to draw a sheep. Standing in front of him was the Little Prince, a small boy with golden hair who came from another planet. After he drew a sheep, he showed him his drawing from childhood, and the Little Prince immediately recognized that there was a snake swallowing an elephant in it. Then the Little Prince told him about the planet he came from.

  • The Little Prince lived alone on a planet no bigger than an ordinary house. He regularly cleaned and maintained his planet, and he especially loved watching sunsets and admiring the rose he had grown. Once, a misunderstanding occurred between him and the rose. This happened because the Little Prince didn't know enough about roses, so he decided to travel from planet to planet to better understand the world.

  • In fact, he was a boy who set out to explore the world of adults. So, on the first planet, he met a king who wanted to be a ruler even though his planet was uninhabited. On the second planet, he met a conceited man who also wanted everyone to admire him. On the third, he met a drunkard who drank to forget because he was ashamed of drinking. On the fourth, he met a businessman who was always busy counting and adding up the stars in the sky, claiming that when he counted them all, they would become his property. On the fifth, he met a lamplighter who constantly lit his lamp saying "good evening" and extinguished it saying "good day." He did this because he was ordered to light the lamp in the evening and extinguish it during the day. Since his planet was spinning too fast, he did it constantly, not wanting to break the order. The Little Prince concluded: Adults are really quite strange.

  • On the sixth, he met a geographer, a man who wanted to describe every planet in books, but not explore them himself, someone else instead of him. He directed the little prince to planet Earth because he heard it was interesting. So the little prince landed in the desert, where he spent a year, wondering where the people were, until he met an aviator. After spending time with him, he met a snake and then a fox. The fox was wild but wise. She advised him to tame her first by becoming friends. When they became friends, the fox explained to him that his rose, which he left on the planet, was unique in the world because he had nurtured and loved her. At the farewell, the fox revealed to him the secret that read: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

  • Moving on, the little prince saw a garden full of roses. He realized that all the roses together in the garden didn't mean as much to him as his own rose at home. He marveled at how people grow thousands of roses and are unable to find what they want in them. He also met a railway switchman who dispatched and received trains with rushing passengers. He asked the switchman to tell him where the passengers were hurrying to, but he explained that people are simply like that, always pushing and rushing somewhere, not knowing why, going in circles.

  • Then the little prince returned to the aviator, who had not yet repaired his plane but had run out of water. The little prince invited him to search for a well with water in the desert. Although it seemed unbelievable to him that there could be a well in the desert, the aviator still followed him. And indeed, they found a well nearby. The aviator marveled at that well, and the little prince replied that the eyes are blind, one must seek with the heart. Both of them drank water, rejoicing in the water, the beauty of the desert, and the stars in the sky.

  • The next evening, the aviator returned to the well, where the little prince was waiting for him. The little prince surprised him by saying that he was glad he had fixed the plane and could now go home. The little prince also wanted to return home to his rose. But in order to return to his planet, which was very far away, he couldn't bring back his heavy body. He had to die first. He told the aviator, "I will look as if I am dead, and that won't be true. Don't be sad, because every time you look at the stars, they will be your bells, and we will laugh together."

  • The little prince called the snake to bite him with its deadly venom. After the snake bite, he fell into the sand and disappeared. The aviator returned home sad. But since then, at night, he loved listening to the stars like bells and laughing, knowing that the little prince had returned and was laughing with the stars somewhere. The aviator sent a message to everyone traveling through the desert in Africa to pay attention, and if they notice a boy with golden hair who is laughing, to immediately let him know that the little prince has returned!

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