Lewis Carroll



The main protagonist in this book is a girl named Alice, who goes to the unreal Wonderland, which only exists in her dreams.
In Wonderland, she meets and befriends many unusual animals and characters, as well as things and objects that were alive, with whom she experiences various adventures and misadventures.


  • On a summer day, while Alice's sister was reading a boring book in the meadow, Alice spotted a White Rabbit dressed in a suit, looking at his watch and saying that he was late.

  • Alice followed the White Rabbit until she fell into a deep well, falling slowly and landing on a pile of dry leaves.

  • When she landed, she saw the rabbit entering through a door. She moved the curtain but couldn't pass through the door because it was too small. Then she drank water from a bottle and shrank. After that, she ate a cake and grew back to her normal size. She took a key and started crying because she wouldn't be able to pass through the door anymore. Then she drank the rest of the water from the bottle and shrank again. She shrank so much that she fell into the bottle and floated through the keyhole.

  • Alice found herself in a forest. There, she came across a mushroom on which a caterpillar was sitting and smoking a pipe. From her, Alice received advice on how to adjust her height with the help of the mushroom. So she became her normal height again.

  • After some time, she arrived at a house where a Duchess lived with a strange baby in her arms. The cook was cooking lunch, and there was a lot of smoke in the house. A cat lay in front of the fireplace, grinning from ear to ear.

  • The Duchess gave Alice the baby to take care of. When Alice went outside, she saw that instead of a baby, she was holding a piglet in her arms. Moving on, Alice arrived at the March Hare's house and joined a mad tea party with the March Hare, the Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter.

  • As she continued on, she saw a beautiful garden, but the gardeners were painting white roses red. These gardeners were ordinary playing cards. They were called Two, Five, and Seven. Suddenly, they stopped their work and shouted, "The Queen is coming!"

  • The King and Queen of Hearts arrived with a procession of card soldiers. After the Queen was introduced to Alice, she immediately ordered that Alice's head be cut off, but the King didn't allow it because Alice was still a child. After that, the Queen invited Alice to play a game of croquet.

  • The Queen's croquet ground was unusual and uneven. Instead of cricket bats, live flamingos were used, and instead of balls, hedgehogs were used, which constantly ran away, so they had to be chased. During the game, the Queen kept ordering for someone's head to be cut off.

  • After that, Alice went to the trial where the Knave of Hearts was accused of stealing the tarts made by the Queen. The King was the judge, and he questioned the witnesses.

  • In the end, Alice was called as a witness. She defended the Knave of Hearts and said that the tarts were not stolen and that they were in a dish in front of them. The Queen was furious and ordered that Alice's head be cut off. Alice, who had started growing taller again, said that she wasn't afraid of her army because they were just a deck of cards.

  • Then the deck of cards flew in her face, and she woke up and realized that it was all just a dream.

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